Darke Co. Names 1820-1850

courtesy of the MIAMI VALLEY GENEALOGY INDEX and Joe Bosserman

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1850 Census Index -only-

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Names. Without them, as genealogists, we would be lost and floundering. They are the life's blood of this never-ending occupation. In a very real sense, we honor those who went before us by remembering their names.

These are the same names as those available on the Darke Co. Genealogical Researchers' Page. However, the names here are all alphabetized in one list where the names on the Researchers' page are divided by township. These names were graciously extracted from the Miami Valley Genealogy Index by Miami Co. resident Joe Bosserman. The MVGI database is now maintained by the Computer Heritage Association based in Troy, Miami Co., OH, and indexes names found in published or public records throughout the Miami Valley area. As noted above, please report errors to Joe so that they can be fixed in the master database.

A few of the entries below were marked in the census as 'mulatto' and are indicated in this list as "(Mu)" after the name. Those who were marked 'colored' in the old census are noted here as "(Bk)". 1820-1850 censii are indexed together so the year is given for each entry. The page number refers to the page in the original census.

This is not, regrettably, the entire census listing. It is only Heads of Household. Additionally, all of the 1840 census has not yet been extracted. Missing from the 1840 census extractions are Adams, Butler, Greenville, Harrison, Mississinawa, Neave, Richland, Twin, Wabash, Washington, and Wayne. Gibson Township was later moved to Mercer Co. authority in 1848.

Use of the alphabet tables will speed movement to the various letters of the alphabet. After each letter's entries, a link to return to the alphabet table for the page will be provided. A link at the end of each page will return you to this general explanation page.

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1850 Census Index -only-

For entries in the 1850 census -only-, you can view the actual handwritten census pages at:
where each page is viewable by appending the page number to the above URL or selecting a page number to view in the list of files in the directory.

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