Carousel of Darke Co. Articles

R-i-d-e the Carousel of Darke Co. Articles! Wheeee!!

Below is an index of links to various articles originally sent to the Darke Co. LIST. The LIST is a group of genealogists who research Darke Co. families and communicate with each other through the Internet. See the Darke County Genealogical Researchers' Page for more information about the LIST.

The hot-links are set so that you can get on the carousel at any point and "ride" by moving back and forth among the articles. Or you can return to the Index of articles and make a selection. Bored? You can always return to the Darke County Genealogy Fair.

  • Bibliography/Lookups Find Darke Co. researchers who will do lookups in selected volumes.

  • Biographies. Selected biographies of Darke Co. residents from local histories.

  • Birth/Death Records. Information on Darke Co. Birth & Death Records.

  • Brethren Churches. The Brethren Churches of Darke Co., OH.

  • Burials. Newspaper lists of burials in some Darke Co. cemeteries, 1963-1988.

  • Cemeteries. A list of the Cemeteries of Darke Co.

  • Grillot Family. A 40-year old text treatment of the GRILLOT family of Darke Co.

  • Indiana Marriages in 1930's. Why did so many folks go to Indiana to marry?

  • School Souvenirs. Four remembrances of school days in Darke Co.

  • Land Owners. List of early land owners in Wayne Twp.

  • Masonic Directory. Names from the 1921 edition of the Masonic Directory.

  • Monroe Township Deeds. Entries from Deed books for Section 32 in Monroe Township.

  • Obituaries. Various obituaries of Darke Co. residents & descendants.

  • Wm Benton PAGE. Jennie Page's notes about her father in the Civil War

  • People. About selected people from Darke Co., OH.

  • Versailles POLICY. Abstracts of genealogical interest.

  • Shook's Chapel. History/membership of Shook's Chapel M.E. Church

  • Towns. Information on Darke Co. Towns.

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